You may have seen a lot of press in the last week about the ‘Heartbleed Bug’: a compromise in Internet privacy & security that affects websites based on the Apache web server. Easy Payments Plus was not impacted by this vulnerability and no password information was ever at risk.

At Easy Payments Plus we take Internet security very seriously and as the vulnerability was announced we immediately took action to ascertain if our systems were at risk, which after independent third party verification we were given a clean bill of health.

However, if you share a common password among many internet sites we would heartily encourage you to change your easy payments plus password to something unique as a matter of precaution.

If you have an account with us and would like to change your password, click here.

Advice for web users:

There are ways you can test if websites you visit are vulnerable to the ‘Heartbleed Bug’ before you enter any personal details on them.

If you are a Chrome user you can download a Chrome Extension, Chromebleed, which warns you when a site you’re visiting has been affected.


Changing Passwords

As a precautionary measure, people are being advised to change the passwords for all of their online accounts — especially the most sensitive accounts (Internet Banking, Email, Social Networks etc…).
If you decide to undertake these [painfully laborious] measures, may we advise that you do not change your password with a website until you are certain that they have already patched the ‘Heartbleed Bug’. This will ensure the safety of your new set of passwords.

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