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How does it work?

With Easy Payments Plus implemented on your website, you can accept card payments from your customers for fees, subscriptions, goods and services.

Here is how it works…

  1. Your customer visits your website
  2. Your website has a button link to EPP to login or register
  3. Your customer is brought to your pages on our system
  4. Your customer selects items and adds them to the bill
  5. Your customer enters their card details and clicks to pay bill
  6. Amount is taken from your customer’s account and lodged directly to your account
  7. Both you and your customer receive an emailed receipt showing purchase details

To be able to receive card payments you will need to have merchant services in place with your bank. An ecommerce and MOTO account will allow you accept payment by internet, phone or in person. Easy Payments Plus will work with you to obtain a suitable agreement with preferential rates for EPP customers.

PayPal can be used as an alternative to using merchant services for smaller organisations.
All customer and purchase details are available to you in the web-based database. You can communicate with your customers via email and text message with the system or generate mailings using the information stored in the database.

Payment records and bank reconciliation are made easy with EPP’s payment reports facility.
Easy Payments Plus online payment system adheres to Industry Standards PCI and SSL.

To read more on how it works visit out case studies page

Online payments with SSL encryption and 3D secure protocols - Call us now for a free demonstration

Call us now on...:
+353 1 2393255

Easy Payments Plus
Station House
Shankill Business Centre

+353 1 2393255

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