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Case Study – Leinster Rugby

During every school holiday period, Leinster rugby hosts children’s rugby camps in over 20 venues throughout the province. The large number of people registering for these camps means that Leinster rugby’s process of registration needs to be both efficient and simple. In the past, the use of application forms and accepting cash/cheque payments for registration proved to be tedious, time-consuming and prone to administrative error.

Leinster rugby has three main requirements for registration:

  • To accept credit/debit card payments
  • To capture data associated with these camps, such as kit sizes (e.g., jersey/sock size)
  • To have the facility to ask people registering if they have any relevant medical conditions

Leinster Rugby had tried other solutions. However, they proved to be both expensive for credit/debit card transactions and did not answer the last two requirements above of capturing data and querying customers.

Easy Payments Plus’ online enrolment system ultimately proved to be the perfect solution. Customers can now enrol and pay for their required camp online via credit/debit cards, from the comfort of their homes and in a simple and user-friendly manner. Automatic discounts can be applied during the payment process.

EPP also satisfies Leinster rugby’s requirements to capture data and to query clients upon registration. When a client is registering for a camp, they can answer relevant medical or other questions. Clients can also select the required kit size from a list.

Application forms are now a thing of the past as customers can input their own data themselves online during the registration process. This data is stored in a central database and can be accessed by the administrator at any time. The system can maintain camp registers and the corresponding attendance sheets can be printed out for the coaches.

This is what Leinster Rugby has to say about Easy Payments Plus;

We run over 20 summer camps in various locations around the province and this year we decided to offer online registration and payment. We looked at the various ways of implementing this and we were lucky enough to find EPP.Within a few days of our initial discussion with EPP we were taking online bookings and payments. One of our additional requirements was to be able to record information about the children attending the camps. This information included any medical conditions, age, club and also sizes for socks, shorts and jersey. With EPP all this information was gathered at registration time and available to us immediately in an online report.

Caroline Keane
Leinster Rugby

See how Leinster Rugby are using Easy Payments Plus

Note: Click on an image to enlarge

Step 1

Parents wishing to book a place for their child to attend a summer camp visit Leinster Rugby’s website. Here they can click on the link to Summer Camps.

Step 2

From a list displaying camp venues, dates and prices they can select the camp of their choice.

Step 3

Parents register with Leinster Rugby and fill in their contact information.

Step 4

In order to organise class groups and kit sizes to be distributed, Leinster Rugby can request information about the attendees such as T-shirt size, any medical condition and to confirm the child’s age on the start date of the camp.

Step 5

The parent then proceeds to pay for the camp with either their debit or credit card. Any discount for a 2nd child or for one child attending two camps is automatically added.

Step 6

A receipt is automatically emailed to the parent and to Leinster Rugby confirming details taken in the registration process. Class lists for coaches and information on the quantity and sizes for kits can then be generated by the system.

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