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Case Studies

Read how Easy Payments Plus has helped the following clubs and businesses to completely transform their processes and offer their customers easy and flexible options for payment.

Leinster Rugby

During every school holiday period, Leinster rugby hosts children’s rugby camps in over 20 venues throughout the province. The large number of people registering for these camps means that Leinster rugby’s process of registration needs to be both efficient and simple. In the past, the use of application forms and accepting cash/cheque payments for registration proved to be tedious, time-consuming and prone to administrative error READ MORE

Knocklyon UTD. FC

Knocklyon United Football Club is one of the largest and fastest growing soccer clubs in Ireland. The club presently caters for approximately 550 players.
In 2011 I took over the role as treasurer of the club. This role involved all aspects of managing the finances of the club. The procedure in place was that cash or cheques were given to the team managers to pass onto the club. We did attempt to offer standing orders to help spread the cost of annual fees but we only had 50-60 parents who used this method. The biggest headache in addition to collecting the money was the management of the paperwork & accounting for the payments from such a manual procedure.

Shankill Tennis Club

The story of how Easy Payments Plus first evolved starts here, while Mary Kelly, founder and managing director of EPP, had the role of the club’s financial secretary in 2002. The only option available to members to pay for their membership and coaching fees was by cash or cheque. Mary recalls the chaos and headache involved in writing receipts and manually keeping track of all these payments. Needless to say trying to reconcile these written records with the club’s bank statements was a nightmare. With Mary’s technical and banking background, she decided to implement an online payment solution for the club so that members could pay online and all their transactions would be recorded in electronic reports READ MORE

Galescoil an Bhradáin Feasa

We implemented Easy Payments Plus in January 2012 and we have seen a massive reduction in the overhead of collecting money.

Traditionally all teachers would have collected money in the classroom from their pupils. They would record the payment in a notebook and write a receipt to be given to the parent. At the end of the day, each teacher would pass the notebook and money to the secretary, who would need to sign-off on the totals. This money would then need to be taken to the bank to be lodged.READ MORE

Skip Trans

Waste management has drastically changed in recent years. Dependence on landfill as the preferred method of waste disposal has steadily reduced with alternative methods sought by local authorities, businesses and domestic householders.

Due to this environmentally friendly means of waste collection, Skip Trans’ customer base grew quickly and steadily. Accepting payments from their increasing number of clients became a nightmare using traditional payment methods. The administration time involved in processing these payments was slow and reconciling their bank statements became an arduous task. They very quickly realized a more efficient method of accepting payments was necessary READ MORE

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Easy Payments Plus
Station House
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+353 1 2393255

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